Arc lighter

Firebird 2.0


Design: Guido Venturini


The Firebird 2.0 is a rechargeable electric arc lighter, an upgraded version of an Alessi pop design icon first designed in 1993 by Guido Venturini. This cutting-edge lighter works without flammable liquid, producing a small electric arc that supplies enough heat to light a candle without a real flame. Famed for its memorable and titillating shape, the original Firebird was born out of a design workshop to investigate the ability of objects to inspire, intrigue and amuse.


Electric arc lighter in thermoplastic resin. Rechargeable.

  • Code: GV34
  • Height (inch): 10.24″
  • Length (inch): 3.94″
  • Width (inch): 1.97″

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Guido Venturini

Born at Alfonsine in 1957. Architect, designer and explorer in the field of industrial design, interior design and architecture. In 1985 he and Stefano Giovannoni founded the Bolidist group and set up King-Kong Productions. He has taught at Domus Academy and at Florence Faculty of Architecture. Music is his greatest...

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